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Free and multifunctional, multimedia file processing tools.

Format Factory is a multifunctional media processing tools.

Format Factory update history

Year 2019

  • 09.282019

    V4.9.0 2019.9.28
    1 Added "PDF Joiner"
    2 Added "Video Downloader"
    3 Added "Fast Clip"
    4 Added "Divided Into"
    5 Added "Fade In" and "Fade Out" in "Output Setting"
    6 Fixed the bug of cropping the vertical video file
    7 Fixed the bug of "Audio Codec Not Supported"
    8 Fixed the Compatibility problems in Win7
    9 Fixed the bug of joining the horizontal and vertical video files in "Video joiner"
  • 07.042019

    V4.8.0 2019.7.4
    1 Added "Screen Record"
    2 Added "PDF to Pic"
    3 Added support for Intel QSV H264,H265 hardware acceleration
    4 Fixed bugs of GPU conflict in multi-tasks
    5 Adjust "Optimum quality and size" profile to fit 4K video
    6 Fixed bugs of MKV subtitle
    7 Fixed 'charmap' codec error for "PDF to XXX"
  • 05.302019

    V4.7.0 2019.5.30
    1 Added "PDF to TXT"
    2 Added "PDF to Doc"
    3 Added "PDF to Excel"
    4 Added AMR decoder "SilkV3"
    5 Fixed bugs of "All to MPG"
  • 04.262019

    V4.6.1 2019.4.26
    1 Fixed the crash bug of HEIC decoder
    2 Added profile "Optimum quality and size"
    3 Adjusted some profiles of MP4 and MKV
    4 Fixed bugs of using "GPU" in multi-tasks
    5 Added GPU switch option in video output setting
    6 Added Shortcuts for "Deloge" and "Crop"

Year 2018

  • 12.252018

    V4.5.5 2018.12.25
    1 Added video "Delogo" in Clip
    2 Added video "Speed" option in Output Setting
  • 11.272018

    V4.5 2018.11.27
    1 Added "FFZip" module to the "Document"
    2 Added the Archive compression and decompression function to the right-click menu.
    3 Added Language "Tibetan"
  • 09.272018

    V4.40 2018.9.27
    1 Supported NVIDIA H264&H265 Hardware Acceleration
    2 Improved task list, support for previews
    3 Updated the codec ffmpeg 4.0,tsMuxer,mkvmerge to latest version
    4 Fixed bugs of Video Mux
    5 Fixed bugs of Blueray Disc to MKV
    6 Not supported WinXP
  • 03.062018

    V4.30 2018.3.6
    1 Added supports for Apple Heic picture format
    2 Added output format "TS,MTS,M2TS" in "Video joiner"
    3 Supports modifying task setting for "Video joiner" "Mux" "Audio Joiner" and "Mix"
    4 Added "All to OGG" Video file format.

Year 2017

  • 11.262017

    V4.20 2017.11.26
    1 Added function "Add Author Titles" in "Video Joiner" 2 Added function "visual watermark editing" in "Output Setting" 3 improved the UI of video cropping and set range in "Option" 5 Adjust the "Black" and "White" skin 4 Fixed some of issues about "Mix", "Mux", Audio and Video Joiner 6 Update the "MediaInfo library" to the latest version 7 Fixed some issues about ID3v2 tag information 8 Fixed issue with rotation angle in video files
  • 04.072017

    V4.10 2017.04.07
    1 Added "Size Limit" option in video convertion
    2 Added new feature "Audio Mix" in utility
    3 Added support for keeping the original audio stream in utility "Mux"
    4 Update MediaInfo to latest version
  • 01.212017

    V4.05 2017.01.21
    1 Added QSV File decode
    2 Fixed the bug of crop
    3 Fixed the bug of VFlip and HFlip

Year 2016

  • 12.052016

    V4.00 2016.12.5
    1 Added HEVC(H265) codec in MP4,MKV
    2 Improved the algorithm of default bitrate
    3 AVC,HEVC,DIVX support codec CRF mode
    4 Updated some codecs and decodecs to latest version
  • 07.172016

    V3.95 2016.7.17
    1 Added "All to WebM"
    2 Added MP3 VBR
    3 Fixed bugs that wrong writing order of Hebrew,Arabic subtitle.
    4 Fixed the bug in Audio Joiner
    5 Fixed the bug of A/V Sync
  • 04.182016

    3.90 2016.4.18
    1 Added EBook supports Mobi,azw,epub
    2 Added PDF->Html

Year 2015

  • 10.172015

    V3.80 2015.10.17
    1 Added EBook supports Mobi,azw,epub
    2 Added PDF->Html
  • 09.082015

    V3.75 2015.9.8
    1 Fixed rotation issue of MP4
    2 Fixed 3.70 can not change the resolution
  • 07.072015

    1 Supports new picture format "WebP".
    2 Fixed streaks issues when MTS, M2TS file conversion.
    3 Improved GUI compatibility in 4K screen.

Year 2014

  • 12.012014

    1 Adding BT upgrade module
    2 remove the bottom of advertising
    3 fixed some interface error
  • 10.132014

    1 To solve the problem of interface board to complete the installation;
    2 an increase of interface skin
  • 05.302014

    1 Join the preservation task list and read from the file list of tasks;
    2 join the decoding of Bik video game file
  • 03.262014

    1 Error problems can repair the MP3 transformation;
    2 solves the right click some cases invalid problem
  • 03.122014

    1 to resolve the MP4 transfer 3GP will appear missing FFmpeg.dll
    problem; 2 solves the image conversion cannot be set quality (JPG) and the problem of image color;
    3 added support for 128*128.256*256
    icon conversion; 4 new parameters for /hide, support for software interface does not start the audio and video conversion mode on the command line;
    5 added support for multiple file conversion, (tree) conversion goals can be converted to the source directory tree structure;
  • 02.142014

    1 a number of amendments to MP3 IDV3 label error;
    2 fixed some file conversion appear "Error while decoding frame. Error
    ! "
    3 The amendment added mass file, wait dialog will get stuck problem;
    4 accession to DTS Wave format support;
    5 update some decoder;

Year 2013

  • 12.182013

    1 Fixed some problems rename tool, added to the named file according to the shooting date;
    2 Join the decoding of a common Raw camera support;
    3 The redesign of the installation package, beautify the interface and process optimization;
  • 06.102013

    1 Improved audio configuration of high quality configuration, support for automatic calculation of the optimal bit rate;
    2 Add the APE file format code;
    3 Fixed multi task conversion error;
    4 MKV for embedded SRT subtitles;
    5 Fixed XP encoder operation error problem;
    6 Updated some encoder;

Year 2012

  • 10.152012

    1 Adjust the interface to adapt the Win8 tablet
    2 Adjust the configuration of the Video Converter
    3 Adjust the automatic calculation of resolution and bit rate of algorithm
    4 Modify the some subtitles
    5 Fixed some problems of MP4 conversion
  • 07.062012

    1 Some updates to the latest version of decoder
    2 Fixed a RMVB encoder problem
  • 04.112012

    1 The default is not to use multiple threads to convert
    2 Fixed multi thread switching stopping problems
    3 Fixed a large number of files produced by adding problem
    4 To solve the picture GIF to GIF into a static image problem in
    5 Join in the thunderbolt XV file support
  • 01.202012

    1 Update ffdshow, Haali decoder to the latest version of
    2 Fixed a installation problems decoder
    3 Fixed some problems in flow
    4 Join in the advanced options, menu right unloading system keys and installation features

Year 2011

  • 12.052011

    1 Video Converter supports multi threading, in multi-core CPU speed significantly enhanced
    2 The picture file conversion support multithreading, in multi-core CPU speed significantly enhanced
    3 The Shell drag and drop can select output directory receiving file
    4 The proportion of fixed video files to GIF
  • 06.172011

    1 Added right-click menu Shell extensions, to support the right of call format factory, now supports right-click menu to convert the file and view the file information
    2 Fixed iPad, PSP configuration cannot play of
    3 Fixed a problem in flow
    4 Update library MediaInfo0.7.44, ffdshow rev3882, Haali

Year 2010

  • 11.042010

    1 Improvement of "Francis " function, now support multiple audio and video files into
    2 Fixed MP4 compatibility problem
    3 Improved drag and drop function, can now put the directory object dragged into the interface
  • 08.172010

    1 Improved DVD support crawl DVD direct conversion to RMVB.
    2 Correction of all to RMVB video segmentation of some of the problems.
    3 The conflict problem of fixed preview player and Windows7 Vista translucent effect.
    4 Add output RMVB type video merger.
    5 The improvement of the calculation method of video resolution, can use the "auto" to replace the width or height, automatically by software calculation file output width and height to help you
  • 07.092010

    1 The modified AVC encoding 2.40 MP4 cannot correctly playback problems.
    2 In the installation of the installation options whether internal decoder
  • 07.012010

    1 Fixed a MP4 in the Apple device, length of the original 2 times the compatible problem.
    2 Improved all go to the picture configuration, now also can be saved as a custom.
    3 Added several new conversion device configuration.
    4 Fixed a problem when adding watermark cannot cut
  • 04.012010

    1 Fixed a Windows decoder in UAC under 7 compatibility problems
    2 Fixed the error for add a watermark
    3 In some need to wait for the place with the "Cancel" button
    4 Added "language selection page", used to replace the previous long language menu
    5 Added several new language file

Year 2009

  • 11.262009

    1 Join MIDI to other electronic files
    2 Mixed function to the output type more
    3 Support video with self configuration
    4 The calculation method of adjusting the "high quality and size" bit rate, in order to improve capacity than.
    5 To improve the accuracy of multimedia file cuts to milliseconds
  • 10.152009

    1 Fixed some Fail to decode problem
    2 Fixed some decoder conflict
    3 Fixed some problems in MKV conversion
    4 Added some new decoder, to support additional formats to RMVB
  • 08.182009

    1 Adding "all to the custom "
    2 Adding "watermark " function, support PNG, BMP, jpg
    3 Adding mixed function
    4 Adding "video screen clipping "
    5 fixed some WMV audio out of sync problem
    6 fixed installation problems ffdshow.
  • 07.092009

    1 add "all to RMVB"
    2 add "audio merging"
    3 "AviSynth" added to support. script and SSA effect of AVS filter
    4 modified MP3, WMA information loss problem in.
    5 some problems of 5 modified MOV conversion
    6 modified MKV cannot correctly select audio flow problems
    7 add 2 new languages, a total of 50 languages support
    8 modified Zune, iPod and other equipment error
  • 06.022009

    1 join all to GIF, support for video conversion to GIF animation
    Adding 2 tracks on the MKV file, select subtitle support
    3 adjust the calculation method for automatic aspect ratio
    4 fixed video merger some questions
    5 add some commonly used equipment
  • 04.252009

    1 Volume control. add video files
    2 Join video files audio stream selection control.
    3 Adjust the automatic calculation of the aspect ratio of the algorithm of
    4 Fixed not shut down after the conversion issues for
    5 Fixed in the audio file conversion is "FFMpeg.dll missing" error
    6 Fixed the CD cannot be read track information from the error
    7 The new addition of 2 languages, 47 languages support.
    8 Add some new equipment configuration.
    9 Add all to WavPack.
  • 03.232009

    1 Add all to MKV
    2 Accession to the H264, DIVX, advanced configuration XVID code
    3 Adding support for H264, DIVX, XVID 2 encoding function.
    4 Adding to the video, audio file segmentation, preview function
    5 Automatic generation of THM PSP MP4 after the preview file conversion
    6 The modified WMA encoding problem of
    7 The new addition of several language files, support up to 45 kinds of language
    8 some of the problems corrected video file merging function
    9 The improvement of DVD capture function of
    10 Added setting video files on the aspect ratio of the configuration
  • 01.232009

    1 Fixed some audio files of non synchronization problem.
    2 Fixed 5.1 channel to some problems of 2 channel at.
    3 The modified XVID coding FourCC.
    4 Join video files merge function.
    5 Adding all to FLAC lossless compression formats.
    6 The new addition of the 2 language files, support up to 42 kinds of language.
    7 Add subtitle file select font preview.

Year 2008

  • 12.082008

    1 Produces a modified wma decoding of codec exception.
    2 Fixed some errors in RMVB decoder.
    3 Fixed some errors produced when the image scaling when.
    4 Join Albania, Galician, a total of 40 languages support
  • 11.242008

    1 In some machines modified initialization error.
    2 The modified XVID code very slow problem of
    3 Fixed some repeated Jeong cause the conversion of dead cycle
    4 Fixed some using PCMU8 encoded video file no sound problem
    5 Join 3GP AMR_WB audio coding
  • 11.132008

    1 Fixed bottom output video file green line
    2 Fixed some audio conversion error
    3 Fixed some mpg files cannot be Windows Media Player playback problems
    4 Add SRT subtitle file problem of fixed conversion
    5 Joined the "all to MOV"
    6 Joined the "Serbian-Latin", "Croatian", "Norwegian" several language file
    7 Adjusted for all to the default MP4/AVI. bit rate
  • 10.152008

    1 Accession to the H264, MPEG4 (DIVX), CPU XVID code to support multi
    2 Fixed some audio and video synchronization problem of
    3 The modified DVD to video file, if the source file is the file name with a space of a local directory, generate problems
    4 Join the "all to M4R" (iPhone ring).
    5 Join the "music CD to audio file "
    6 Added option "output to the source folder ", "add configuration name".
    7 Add add captions function
  • 9.052008

    1 Fixed not select more language under the Win2K problem
    2 Correction of all to JPG in the output file into gray problems
    3 Add all to MP2
    4 Adding video converter supports on channel 5.1
    5 Add video conversion options "select source channel"
    6 Join Bulgarian language file
    7 Add more bit rate preset to "all to MP3"
    8 Fixed some internal error
  • 8.192008

    1 Join Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Vietnam language file
    2 Now the custom configuration can be saved
    3 The aspect ratio correction problem mpg
    4 Fixed a problem with pop network connection format factory startup
  • 8.102008

    1 Join the Korean language, Arabia language file.
    2 Accession to the iPod, the Zune MP4.configuration file
    3 Join the pause function.
    4 Fixed some of all to MPG aspect ratio.
  • 7.292008

    1 Add some editing options, such as start time, keep off the sound aspect ratio,, now you can be used to segment a video or audio file
    2 Now the video files also support to the audio file.
    3 Improvement of "DVD to the video file ", provide a subtitle stream and audio stream selection.
    4 Join Finland, Sweden, Hebrew, Hindi and India, Poland
    5 The addition of the 4 skin interface selection
    6 Fixed some issues with the "all to WAV" in
    7 Fixed some problems in image conversion
  • 7.092008

    1 add "all to MMF".
    2 add "all to AMR".
    3 The default configuration 3GP adjustment.
    4 "DVD to video file" support Title selection.
    The 5 generation of Format Factory modified empty directory installation problems in the process of
  • 7.082008

    1 joined the Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Romania, Turkish language files
    2 fixed Wav file to other audio file problem
  • 7.022008

    1 Fixed some problems of "all to MPG"
    2 Join the "all to WMV".
    3 Join the "all to SWF".
    4 Add "DVD/CD to ISO/CSO".
    5 Join the "ISO < - > CSO".
    6 "DVD to the video file "now support 3GP, WMV, SWF" output file
    7 Joined Portuguese, Spanish language file.
  • 6.062008

    1 Fixed some problems of
    audio options
    2 Interface using Unicode comprehensive coding multi language support for future
    3 Join the Russian, traditional Chinese language file
  • 05.242008

    1 Format factory comprehensive free
    2 The modified AMR decoding problem of 3GP
    3 The deadlock problem in correction of conversion
  • 05.082008

    1 Amendments to the "RMVB to 3GP"
    2 The modified PSP, iPhone, MP4 configuration file
    3 Add the interface of the software startup screen
  • 05.012008

    1 Modify the page layout
    2 Add a file type icon
  • 03.012008

    Format factory was born

Year 2007

  • 10.012007

    Format factory is the first line of code

Format FactoryV5.1.0.0

a multifunctional media processing tools.