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Free and multifunctional, multimedia file processing tools.

Format Factory is a multifunctional media processing tools.

Format Factory Update log

  • V5.17.0 2024.1.5
    1 Added showing CPU&GPU usage the task progress bar
    2 Fixed a bug in the installation package.
    3 Fixed some dependencies in video configuration parameters

    V5.16.0 2023.10.27
    1 Added support for Multi-Profiles output setting
    2 Fixed the bug of volume adjustment
    3 Fixed the profiles of AC3 output setting

    V5.15.0 2023.7.21
    1 Fixed bugs of video clip
    2 Adjusted the default subtitle border size
    3 Added more output directory options
    4 Fixed a bug of installer

    V5.14.0 2023.04.01
    1 Updated ffmpeg 6.0 contains many new decoders
    2 Added av1_qsv av1_amf Hardware encoder
    3 Fixed bugs of player
    4 Fixed bugs of external subtitles file
    5 Adjusted naming rules for file dividing

    V5.13.0 2022.11.22
    1 Updated Exiv2 picture information library
    2 Updated ffmpeg5.1 stable version
    3 Changed the naming rules in video joiner & Mux
    4 Fixed the bug of add images in video joiner & Mux
    5 Added av1_nvenc,h264_mf,h265_mf Hardware encoder
    6 Optimized the encoding parameter of h26X_nvenc h26X_qsv h26X_amf
    7 Added constant quantization parameter(cq) in h26X_nvenc
    8 Optimized the resolution of Low&Medium quality and size

    V5.12.0 2022.06.21
    1 Updated CD repository to point to
    2 Adjusted audio and video bitrate of profile
    3 Fixed bug with custom profile

    V5.11.0 2022.04.20
    1 Added "Split Music" to separate voice and music
    2 Integrate AC3,AAC,MMF,DTS in one function
    3 Fixed bugs of Modules Downloader
    4 Fixed FormatPlayer's drag-in crash
    5 Fixed an issue with aspect distortion in video joiner

    V5.10.0 2022.01.31
    1 Added the cover save function of audio files
    2 Improved QSV file decoding
    3 Fixed the bug of keeping the source subtitle stream in MKV
    4 Streamlined output setting profiles
    5 Added range selection function to AV splitter
    6 Added FormatPlayer decoding option

    V5.9.0 2021.11.15
    1 Update encoder FFMPEG to latest version 4.4
    2 Added QSV vp9 HA encoder
    3 Added Video&Photo optimize feature
    4 Added "Add Music" in video conversion
    5 Added feature icon in output setting
    6 Added step backward&forward button in FormatPlayer
    7 Added video anti-shake,noise reduction,reverse play filter
    8 Added audio echo, noise reduction, reverse play filter
    9 Added new resource in music library
    10 Added support for duration in blur and Delogo
    11 Added automatic compression after PDF merge
    12 Fixed the bug of text to Wav
    13 Fixed the bug of saving window size after resolution switch

    V5.8.1 2021.08.30
    1 Added support for pictures in Video Joiner & Mux
    2 Added picture sequence support in Video conversion
    3 Added a button to delete the source file after successfully converted,
    4 Added Export Frame function
    5 Fixed the Win11 incompatibility problem
    6 Fixed the bug of FormatPlayer
    7 Fixed the bug , no sound in Mux
    8 Fixed the bug , when adding directories

    V5.7.5 2021.05.20
    1 Added adjustable number of task threads
    2 Added support for older Win7 without OpenGL
    3 PDF password supports batch input
    4 Fixed bug that saving of window size and position
    5 Fixed a bug of Video Joiner&Mux that could not be flipped and rotated

    V5.7.1 2021.04.02
    1 Added Text->Wav
    2 Added Docx->PDF
    3 Improved PDF to Docx function
    4 Fixed a bug when converting large video files
    5 Added key frame interval option in video output setting
    6 Fixed the bug of custom profile

    V5.6.5 2021.02.10
    1 Update MP3 Encoder Lame3.99 to 3.100
    2 Fixed the bug for adding water mark when hardware acceleration
    3 Fixed the bug for Format Player
    4 Added color filter in video output settging

    V5.6.0 2021.01.10
    1 Added function to add video and audio cover
    2 Improved subtitle font color configuration
    3 Added file sorting function
    4 Improved keep aspect cropping in video option
    5 Added sample format option in audio output setting
    6 Added lossless words before audio lossless configuration

    V5.5.0 2020.11.19
    1 Improved "Delogo" to support to remove multiple areas watermark.
    2 Improved Video/Audio Output Setting GUI
    3 Added "Keep All Source Streams" Audio&Subtitle option in output setting
    4 Fixed bugs of Fast Clip
    5 Update the nvidia Video Codec SDK to ver 10.0.26

    V5.4.5 2020.9.1
    1 Fixed bugs of ncm decoder
    2 Fixed bugs of the time format in the French system
    3 Added GPU priority in output setting
    4 Added "Add Folder" button in file select UI

    V5.4.0 2020.8.5
    1 Added ncm and KUX decoder
    2 Fixed a bug of MIDI decoder
    3 Improved Video Clip GUI
    4 Improved Video Joiner & Mux

    V5.3.0 2020.6.16
    1 Added support for dividing by file size
    2 Fixed the bug that UTF8 file name causes conversion failure
    3 Fixed the bug of Clip UI
    4 Fixed the bug of losting audio meta data

    V5.2.0 2020.5.26
    1 Added AV1 encoder support for MP4 and MKV
    2 Added AV stream splitter
    3 Added music library support for Video Joiner & Mux
    4 Fixed the bug of volume control
    5 Redesigned the file select dialog UI

    V5.1.0 2020.3.20
    1 Added support for AMD graphics card
    2 Added picture files to PDF
    3 Added PDF Encrypt,Decrypt,Compress
    4 Added audio files to DTS
    5 Fixed the bug of Expand(black&white) in aspect ratio
    6 Added loop option in Mux
    7 Updated UI Icons to High DPI pixmap

    V5.0.0 2020.2.10
    1 Upgraded to 64-bit, no longer supports 32-bit Windows
    2 reserved cover picture when convert to MP3, FLAC, M4A
    3 Added video output setting metadata title, author, and comment
    4 fixed the bug of GPU tester

    V4.9.5 2019.11.18
    1 Adding aspect ratio options in video clip
    2 Adding fade in,fade out in audio output setting
    3 Support for adding blank intervals in audio joiner
    4 Fixed the bugs of DVDRip libfaac.dll missing

    V4.9.0 2019.9.28
    1 Added "PDF Joiner"
    2 Added "Video Downloader"
    3 Added "Fast Clip"
    4 Added "Divided Into"
    5 Added "Fade In" and "Fade Out" in "Output Setting"
    6 Fixed the bug of cropping the vertical video file
    7 Fixed the bug of "Audio Codec Not Supported"
    8 Fixed the Compatibility problems in Win7
    9 Fixed the bug of joining the horizontal and vertical video files in "Video joiner"

    V4.8.0 2019.7.4
    1 Added "Screen Record"
    2 Added "PDF to Pic"
    3 Added support for Intel QSV H264,H265 hardware acceleration
    4 Fixed bugs of GPU conflict in multi-tasks
    5 Adjust "Optimum quality and size" profile to fit 4K video
    6 Fixed bugs of MKV subtitle
    7 Fixed 'charmap' codec error for "PDF to XXX"

    V4.7.0 2019.5.30
    1 Added "PDF to TXT"
    2 Added "PDF to Doc"
    3 Added "PDF to Excel"
    4 Added AMR decoder "SilkV3"
    5 Fixed bugs of "All to MPG"

    V4.6.1 2019.4.26
    1 Fixed the crash bug of HEIC decoder
    2 Added profile "Optimum quality and size"
    3 Adjusted some profiles of MP4 and MKV
    4 Fixed bugs of using "GPU" in multi-tasks
    5 Added GPU switch option in video output setting
    6 Added Shortcuts for "Deloge" and "Crop"

    V4.5.5 2018.12.25
    1 Added video "Delogo" in Clip
    2 Added video "Speed" option in Output Setting

    V4.5 2018.11.27
    1 Added "FFZip" module to the "Document"
    2 Added the Archive compression and decompression function to the right-click menu.
    3 Added Language "Tibetan"

    V4.40 2018.9.27
    1 Supported NVIDIA H264&H265 Hardware Acceleration
    2 Improved task list, support for previews
    3 Updated the codec ffmpeg 4.0,tsMuxer,mkvmerge to latest version
    4 Fixed bugs of Video Mux
    5 Fixed bugs of Blueray Disc to MKV
    6 Not supported WinXP

    V4.30 2018.3.6
    1 Added supports for Apple Heic picture format
    2 Added output format "TS,MTS,M2TS" in "Video joiner"
    3 Supports modifying task setting for "Video joiner" "Mux" "Audio Joiner" and "Mix"
    4 Added "All to OGG" Video file format.

    V4.20 2017.11.26
    1 Added function "Add Author Titles" in "Video Joiner"
    2 Added function "visual watermark editing" in "Output Setting"
    3 improved the UI of video cropping and set range in "Option"
    5 Adjust the "Black" and "White" skin
    4 Fixed some of issues about "Mix", "Mux", Audio and Video Joiner
    6 Update the "MediaInfo library" to the latest version
    7 Fixed some issues about ID3v2 tag information
    8 Fixed issue with rotation angle in video files

    V4.10 2017.04.07
    1 Added "Size Limit" option in video convertion
    2 Added new feature "Audio Mix" in utility
    3 Added support for keeping the original audio stream in utility "Mux"
    4 Update MediaInfo to latest version

    V4.05 2017.01.21
    1 Added QSV File decode
    2 Fixed the bug of crop
    3 Fixed the bug of VFlip and HFlip

    V4.00 2016.12.5
    1 Added HEVC(H265) codec in MP4,MKV
    2 Improved the algorithm of default bitrate
    3 AVC,HEVC,DIVX support codec CRF mode
    4 Updated some codecs and decodecs to latest version

    V3.95 2016.7.17
    1 Added "All to WebM"
    2 Added MP3 VBR
    3 Fixed bugs that wrong writing order of Hebrew,Arabic subtitle.
    4 Fixed the bug in Audio Joiner
    5 Fixed the bug of A/V Sync

    V3.90 2016.4.18
    1 Added BluRay Ripper
    2 Fixed the bug of Video Joiner
    3 Fixed the bug of Mux
    4 Added ALAC lossless codec in "All to M4A"

    V3.80 2015.10.17
    1 Added EBook supports Mobi,azw,epub
    2 Added PDF->Html

    V3.75 2015.9.8
    1 Fixed rotation issue of MP4
    2 Fixed 3.70 can not change the resolution

    V3.70 2015.7.7
    1 Supports new picture format "WebP".
    2 Fixed streaks issues when MTS, M2TS file conversion.
    3 Improved GUI compatibility in 4K screen.

    V3.6.0 2015.1.30
    1 Added file size comparison function after convertion
    2 Fixed bugs of previous version

    V3.5.0 2014.11.25
    1 Added BT update module
    2 Remove the bottom banner
    3 Fiexed some bugs of GUI

    V3.3.5 2014.05.26
    1 Added save task list to file and load from file.
    2 Added supporting of bik game video file.

    V3.3.1 2013.12.30
    1 Fixed wrong IDV3 tag.
    2 Fixed problem about "Error while decoding frame!".
    3 Added supporting of DTS wave.
    4 Updated some codecs.

    V3.3.0 2013.11.21
    1 Fix bugs of Rename tools
    2 Added Raw format Picture decoder

    V3.2.1 2013.10.30
    1 Add 5.1 7.1 Stereo profile of WAV , WavPack and FLAC

    V3.2.0 2013.10.11
    1 Inprove "High quality" profiles of audio , now supports auto-calc equal bitrate
    2 Added APE audio file encoder
    3 Fixed some bugs of multi-threads
    4 "All to MKV" supports inside srt subtitle
    5 Fixed problems of runtime error on WinXP
    6 Update some inside codecs.

    V3.1.1 2013.6.18
    1 Improved interface to better support Pad
    2 Add batch rename function
    3 Corrected the problems that function rotation, mirroring are not saved to the "custom"

    V3.00 2012.10.15
    1 Adjust GUI to support Win8 pad
    2 Adjust some profiles of video.
    3 Fixed a bug of default bitrate and resolution algorithm
    4 Fixed a bug of subtitle.
    5 Fixed problems of MP4 muxer

    V2.96 2012.07.06
    1 update some codecs to latest version
    2 Fixed a bug of RMVB encoding

    V2.95 2012.04.11
    1 Default option doesn't use multi-Threads to convert.
    2 Fixed the problem of stopping task in Multi-Threads mode.
    3 Fixed the problem of adding a large number of files.
    4 Fixed the problem of Animation GIF convert to GIF.
    5 Support XV Video files.

    V2.90 2012.01.20
    1 Update ffdshow,Haali codecs to latest version.
    2 Fixed some bugs of codecs installation
    3 Fixed some bugs of "MUX"
    4 Add install and uninstall system context mmenu features to advanced option.

    V2.80 2011.11.26
    1 Video Files support multi-thread conversion
    2 Picture Files support multi-thread conversion
    3 Added output folder selection on accept file dialog.
    4 Fixed aspect problem of "All to GIF"

    V2.70 2011.6.17
    1 Added right button menu item to invoke Format Factory.
    Now you can use it to convert and view info of media files.
    2 Fixed the profiles of iPad,PSP that fail to be played.
    3 Fixed bugs in Mux.
    4 Update codecs to MediaInfo 0.7.44,ffdshow rev3882,Haali

    V2.60 2010.11.4
    1 Improve "Mux",Now supports multiple video and audio files.
    2 Fixed the compatibility issue MP4 files.
    3 Improve "Drag and Drop" , now supports drag folder object into user interface

    V2.50 2010.8.17
    1 Improve DVD Rip,Now supports DVD to RMVB.
    2 Fix an issue with "All tom RMVB" about split video.
    3 Fix an issue about conflict with Vista,Windows7 Areo effect.
    4 Added RMVB output type in video joiner.
    5 Improve video size calculation , you can input "auto" instead of width or height.

    V2.45 2010.7.9
    1 Fix a problem that AVC MP4 can't be played correctly in version 2.40
    2 Added the option whether install FormatFactory inside codecs to system.

    V2.40 2010.7.1
    1 Fix the problem of Apple's MP4 time is twice as long as the original.
    2 Improve the configuration of "All to Picture",now it can be saved as "All to Custom".
    3 Added several profiles of some latest devices.
    4 Fix a bug that fail to clip video when adding watermark.

    V2.30 2010.4.1
    1 Fixed compatibility issues of codecs on Windows 7 UAC.
    2 Fixed bug of watermark.
    3 Added "Cancel" Button on several places that needed waiting.
    4 Added "Language select page" in menu.
    5 Added several new language files.

    V2.20 2009.11.26
    1 Added MIDI to MP3,WMA,and others.
    2 Added more media muxing output types.
    3 Added "Custom" output type to "Video Joiner".
    4 Adjust Bitrate of "High quality and size" profile.
    5 Improve the accuracy of media file splitting

    V2.15 2009.10.15
    1 Fixed some problems of "Fail to decode"
    2 Fixed some decoder conflict
    3 Fixed some problems of MKV convertion
    4 Added some codecs to support more media file types

    V2.10 2009.8.18
    1 Added "All to Custom"
    2 Added "Watermark", support png,bmp,jpg
    3 Added "Mux"
    4 Added "Video Crop"
    5 Fixed AV sync of some wmv files.
    6 Fixed problem of ffdshow filter installation

    V2.00 2009.7.9
    1 Added "All to RMVB"
    2 Added "Audio Joiner"
    3 Added "AviSynth" to support AVS script and SSA effect.
    4 Fixed bugs of missing MP3,WMA tag info.
    5 Fixed bugs of MOV convertion.
    6 Fixed problem of selecting MKV audio stream.
    7 Added new 2 language files.
    8 Fixed error H264 level of IPod,Zune Mobile Device.

    V1.90 2009.6.2
    1 Added "All to GIF",supports video files to GIF
    2 Added selecting Audio and subtitle stream of MKV.
    3 Adjust Video aspect ratio calculating.
    4 Fixed bugs of "video merge"
    5 Added some profiles of mobile devices.

    V1.85 2009.4.25
    1 Added Volume control in video setting.
    2 Added Audio stream index control in video setting.
    3 Adjust Video aspect ratio calculating.
    4 Fixed Fail to shut off PC after conversion.
    5 Fixed show "FFMpeg.dll missing" when audio conversion.
    6 Fixed Fail to get CD info from
    7 Added 2 language files to support up to 47 kinds of languages.
    8 Added some profiles of HTC Mobile devices.
    9 Added "All to WavPack"

    V1.80 2009.3.23
    1 Added "All to MKV".
    2 Added H264,DIVX,XVID codec advanced configuration.
    3 Added supporting of H264,DIVX,XVID 2 pass encoding.
    4 Added Video,Audio file's split and preview function.
    5 Generate THM files automatically after PSP MP4 converted.
    6 Fixed WMA encoding problem.
    7 Added several language files to support up to 45 kinds of languages.
    8 Fixed some problems of video merging.
    9 Improved DVD Ripper function.
    10 Added aspect ratio of the video file configuration settings.

    V1.70 2009.1.23
    1 Fixed bug: Audio out of sync.
    2 Fixed bug: Fail to resample 5.1 channels to stereo
    3 Fixed bug: correct XVID codec's FourCC.
    4 Added new function: "Video Merger".
    5 Added new function: "All to FLAC".
    6 Added Lithuanian , Basque language files
    7 Added subtitle font preview.

    V1.65 2008.12.8
    1 Fixed bug: "codec exception" when decode wma stream.
    2 Fixed bug: some error of rmvb decoder.
    3 Fixed bug: a error about when video aspect conversion.
    4 Added Albanian , Galician Language files.

    V1.61 2008.11.24
    1 Fixed bug: a error about fail to run FormatFactory.
    2 Fixed bug: Xvid is very slow.
    3 Fixed bug: some dup frames cause conversion dead loop.
    4 Fixed bug: some movie files use PCM8 have no sound after conversion.
    5 Added AMR_WB audio codec of 3GP

    V1.60 2008.11.13
    1 Fixed bug: a green line appear in the output video files.
    2 Fixed bug: audio conversion errors.
    3 Fixed bug: "All to MPG" can't be played by Window Media Player.
    4 Fixed bug: Convert video files with SRT subtitle
    5 Added "All to MOV"
    6 Added "Serbian-Latin" , "Croatian" , "Norwegian" Language
    7 Adjust default bitrate of All to MP4/AVi.

    V1.55 2008.10.15
    1 Added Multi-CPUs supporting for H264,MPEG4(DIVX),XVID.
    2 Fixed bug : some problems of A/V sync.
    3 Fixed bug : DVD to Video File couldn't convert DVD folder when path name contains "space".
    4 Added "All to M4R" (iPhone ringtones).
    5 Added "Music CD to Audio File"
    6 Added options,"Output to source file folder","Append setting name".
    7 Added convert video file with "SRT" subtitle file.

    V1.48 2008.9.5
    1 Fixed bug that couldn't add source files under Win2000
    2 Fixed bug of "All to JPG" that cause output gray.
    3 Added "All to MP2" method.
    4 Added video conversion option "5.1 Stereo".
    5 Added video conversion option "Source Audio Channel Select"
    6 Added Bulgarian Language file.
    7 Added more "Bitrate" options of "All to MP3".
    8 Fixed some internal error.

    V1.45 2008.8.19
    1 Added "Azerbaijani","Ukrainian","Vietnamese" Language files.
    2 Added "Custom" options saving.
    3 Fixed bug of "All to MPG" aspect.
    4 Remove popuping internel connect dialog while FormatFactory starting.

    V1.42 2008.8.10
    1 Added "Korean","Arabic" Language files.
    2 Added iPod , Zune MP4 conversion method.
    3 Added "Pause" function while converting.
    4 Fixed bug of "All to MPG" aspect.

    V1.40 2008.7.29
    1 Added several options of audio and video converting.
    Such as "Start Time" , "Duration" , "Keep Aspect" , "Disable Audio" ....
    Now you can use it to segregate video and audio files.
    2 Audio converting supports video source files , now you can convert mp4/wmv/flv/mpeg/ to mp3.
    3 Improve "DVD to Video File" , provide title and audio stream selection.
    4 Added "Finnish","Turkish","Swedish","Hebrew","Hindi-India","Polish" language supporting.
    5 Added 4 User Interface skins: Aqua , Luna Blue , Obsidian and Silver.
    6 Fixed some bugs of "All to WAV".
    7 Fixed some bugs of picture converting.

    V1.32 2008.7.9
    1 Added new converting method "All to MMF".
    2 Added new converting method "All to AMR".
    3 Adjuct default profiles of "All to 3GP"
    4 "DVD to Video file" supports Title selecting.
    5 Fix bug of installt process that create "Format Factory" empty folder

    V1.31 2008.7.8
    1 Added new language files: Dutch,French,German,Italian,Japanese,Romanian,Turkish
    2 Fix bug of "wav to other audio format.

    V1.30 2008.7.2
    1 Fix some bugs of "All to MPG".
    2 Added new converting method "All to WMV".
    3 Added new converting method "All to SWF".
    4 Added new converting method "DVD/CD to ISO/CSO".
    5 Added new converting method "ISO <--> CSO".
    6 "DVD to Video File" supports more video types, "3GP,WMV,SWF".
    7 Added new language files : Portuguese , Spanish.

    1 Fix some bugs of audio option
    2 Modify GUI to support unicode
    3 added Russian language file
    4 added Traditional Chinese language file

    1 FormatFactory become freeware
    2 Fix bug of 3GP's audio AMR decode
    3 Fix dead lock when converting

    1 Fix bug of "RMVB to 3GP"
    2 Added some profiles about PSP,iPhone,MP4
    3 Added start page logo

    1 Modify FormatFactory GUI
    2 Added file type icon

    V1.00 2008.3.1

    v0.00 2007.10.1

Format FactoryV5.17.0.0

a multifunctional media processing tools.