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By installing this product, you agree to the following:

You accept that neither the developers, publishers, nor any other associates can be held responsible for any effect this software may have on your computer or to you in any way or form.

Please respect the rights of the copyright holders of any material you get.
Privacy Policy

Unless the user provides it voluntarily, Format Factory Software does not collect any personally identifiable information.

Format Factory Software does not currently share, trade, rent, or sell the information collected to any third parties.

Format Factory Software takes the protection of the personal information you provide very seriously. Personal information collected is stored in password-controlled servers with limited access.

FormatFactory installs Bright Data components (no execution).
You will be able to view the component details in full before you accept this offer, as well as being able to turn Bright Data on and off directly from the 'Option'. Read more about Bright SDK EULA. 

Third-party modules under LGPL

ffmpeg , Qt , QtAV

Open source code modules in Format Factory